Monday, November 2, 2015

Monday Meme: If you liked THE MAZE RUNNER

The Maze Runner series is a great one, one that's smashed into the scene after the movie came out and the second one was recently released. But if you liked it, or even just the idea and not the execution, here are a few other series that will keep you reading. 

The 5th Wave- Rick Yancey: So it isn't only a disease in this series (movie coming in January 2016) but aliens, too! The apocalyptic world is full of danger and suspense, and there's nothing safe about it- the aliens could be anywhere, and their first four waves decimated humanity. Find out what's next in The 5th Wave.

In the After- Demitria Lunetta: Another apocalyptic alien world, In the After and In the End tell the story of a human population attacked by vicious alien creatures bent on destroying the human race, One girl and the toddler she rescued fight to survive in a world that's gone to chaos. Click here to see if she succeeds. 

Ship Breaker and The Drowned Cities- Paolo Bacigalupi: In an Amercican future where nothing is certain, ragtag groups and dangerous, desperate people wander the cities, looking for trouble. Scavengers and mercenaries fight for survival. Find out how the main characters survive by clicking here (for Ship Breaker) and here (for The Drowned Cities).

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