Monday, November 23, 2015

Monday Meme: If You Liked THE FAULT IN OUR STARS

      The Fault in Our Stars has become one of the most iconic books for teens in just a few years. The heartbreaking story of love, loss, and finding yourself amid tragedy struck a chord with almost everyone who has read it, and there are really no books that quite fit into TFIOS's category of snark and sadness. However, there are other book in a similar vein that are just as good- and they're different from John Green's novels. So if you're looking for something other than a John Green novel to pick up, or just looking to branch out, here's something new to try. 

Fangirl- Rainbow Rowell: Cath loves fanfiction. When she goes to college and her sister and best friend begins to move on from their high school identities, she has to figure out who she is...on her own. Not completely- with the help of newfound friends and at the close of her Simon Snow fanfiction (now its own novel by Rainbow) she tries to fit herself in somewhere in a new world. If you'd like to see if she succeeds, click here! I loved this novel, and I think most people have. It's also an Eliot Rosewater Award nominee this year!

Jellicoe Road- Melina Marchetta: I've probably mentioned this book before. It's a favorite of mine, and even though it's a little older, I can't stop singing its praises. It tells the story of Taylor, who lives at a boarding school- she has no parents, and her school is at war with the Townies and the Cadets. When the only adult she trusts disappears, she has to piece together the only clues she has left to not only figure out her past, but maybe even change her future. If you'd like to see what all my fuss is about, click here.

Being Henry David- Cal Armistead: This one is my ringer. When Hank wakes up at Penn Station with no memories and only a worn copy of Walden in his hands, he decides to become Henry David Thoreau and seek out Walden Pond to try piecing together his tattered memories. The only way to find out what they are is to face a tragic past- but with the help of new friends, he might be able to do just that. I was thoroughly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book, and I think you'll like it too. Click here to try it out.

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