Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Meme: Need Something Easy and Breezy?

Sometimes you just need a quick, cheerful read. Instead of being bogged down in details, you get the storyline and the characters, and go from there. Here are a few of my favorite quick reads to get me out of a slump. 

Something, Maybe: Elizabeth Scott- Weighing in at only 217 pages, this sliver of a book is one I've read countless times. It's a story about crazy parents, crazy friends, and how the people around you shape your world, for better or for worse. It's funny and feels like home, and if you think you'd like to read it, click here to place a hold.

First & Then: Emma Mills- This is a new favorite of mine. As a small-town girl who went to a tiny high school that loved their football, this one definitely resonated with me. A lot of people thought it should have gone deeper into some of the issues glanced over in this book, but the book wasn't about those people. It didn't have 600 pages It was about a girl and a boy and football, and I loved it. Click here if you think you might love it too. 

Not if I See You First: Eric Lindstrom- This one is a little bit different, because our main character, a girl named Parker, is blind. She's been betrayed by someone she loves (and although that past love story is a little bit strange to me) the healing and the way she handles herself and her blindness is a really interesting take on a much-told tale. Click here to check it out.

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