Monday, February 29, 2016


James Patterson is a hugely prolific writer, with books from children's to YA to adult, and he's renowned for his skill in storytelling. As you can see, he's so prolific that it leads us to sometimes wonder whether he's actually writing some of these novels. But it doesn't matter all that much- he's very popular, and for good reason. But even with so many series, you many run out of books by him that you want to read. Like me- I'm only interested in his YA novels for the most part. So if you like his style, check out these lesser-known YA mystery writers. 

Unwind: Neal Shusterman- For fans of Maximum Ride, this science fiction/dystopian series is a great next step. Where troublemakers and delinquents can be 'unwound' for their healthy body parts, three teens go to the extreme to keep it from happening to them- and to others. Click here to place a hold on it. 

Dead Girls Don't Lie: Jennifer Shaw Wolfe- When a random crime turns out to be not-so-random, and the people you trust the most could be the ones who've done something terrible, the only person you can count on is yourself. For fans of any of James Patterson's mysteries, click here to check it out for yourself. 

The Naturals: Jennifer Lynn Barnes- In NYPD Red, James Patterson chronicles the adventures of a special crime task force that deal with all sorts of misbehavior. Barnes' series is also about a special task force- but these teens have superpowers. If you think you'd be interested, click here to place a hold.

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