Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Meme: If you liked DIVERGENT

The Divergent train has been rolling for a few years now, and all three books have been out for a long time as well. So what if you don't know where to go after reading Divergent? Here are a few series that might keep you reading. 

Under the Never Sky- Veronica Rossi: If you liked the dystopian setting and high stakes of Divergent, you'll enjoy Under the Never Sky. Dynamic characters and exciting adventure awaits when you open the pages of this 3-book series. Click here to reserve your copy.

Delirium- Lauren Oliver: If you liked the rebellious nature of the Divergents trying to keep their uniqueness their own, you'll love Delirium. In a 3 book series, the main characters fight a government who desires to rob them of emotions- especially love. See how it ends by clicking here and getting your own copy.

Shatter Me- Taherah Mafi: Another high stakes world, complete with mystery, romance, and action is the definition of Shatter Me. I'll leave it to you to find out the rest. So click here to get your copy.  

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