Monday, October 26, 2015

Monday Meme: If you liked THE HUNGER GAMES

Are you, like so many others, searching for something new to read after the melee of the Hunger Games is over? Mockingjay Part 2 is about to be released, and then it'll be over. Then what? 

Chaos Walking series: Patrick Ness: In a dangerous new world, where a virus has caused every man's thoughts to broadcast into the air, messy and loud, and one small settlement that has killed every woman for not suffering the same affliction, one boy dares to look for something better. When a girl his age  finds her way into town, he runs with her, to keep her safe, to find something better, and finds out that his colony's way isn't the only way. It's a great series, one I personally have read many times, and you can read it too by clicking here.

The Testing- Joelle Charbonneau: The Testing is your only way to get out of the slums. It finds the elite, finds the gifted, finds those worthy to rebuild society. The Testing is grueling and dangerous, and no one can be trusted. No one. Find out if our main character follows that advice in the first book, by clicking here.

Gone- Michael Grant: Everyone over the age of fifteen disappears. The kids let begin to mutate, and the animals do as well, turning into monsters that attack at every turn. Beneath the town, something dark waits for the time to strike. Click here to begin the epic saga of the FAYZ.

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