Monday, July 20, 2015

Monday Spotlight: Graffiti


      Personally, I love graffiti. So when a book incorporates this controversial art form in its plot, I'm on board 100%. I think it brings a certain added edge to the story, a subtle conflict between what's considered 'right.' So here are a couple books that are on the graffiti list. 

The Butterfly Clues- Kate Ellison: Not only is it full of graffiti and danger, it's a murder mystery. I really enjoyed this book when I first read it- there are a lot of complex layers and different things going on that all wrap up into one mystery and two lives. Click here to find it at the library!

Into a Dangerous World- Julie Chibbaro: Not yet released, this novel of a 1984 artist searching for the right way to express herself in her art. Should she go the traditional route, or divert to something new and dangerously beautiful? I've received an Advanced Reviewer copy from a giveaway and only just started, but there's some amazing artwork and so far, I've been really enjoying it. 

Graffiti Moon- Cath Crowley: Told in alternating perspectives, this novel tells the story of a girl searching for an elusive graffiti artist and the boy she doesn't like, but who may be able to find him. In just one night, things can change. Click here to put it on hold.

     So whether you're artistic or not, everyone can appreciate the beauty of graffiti- just don't do anything illegal, friends! And here's a little tidbit about me: this next image is one of my favorite graffiti images ever. 


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