Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday Meme Spotlight: Under the Sea

Mermaids are a powerful source of book ideas. From Aquaman to Aquamarine, YA literature has been making use of this nearly limitless pool (no pun intended) for a long, long time. Here are just a few of the YA books that feature mermaids or ocean lore. 

1. The Syrena Legacy- Anna Banks: A trilogy of mermaids and humans colliding, this series is a great example of the excellence that can come from using mermaids in books. Told in dual points of view, this is a series that moves quickly, gets to the point, and interweaves ancient mythology with modern life. There are some really wild twists- crazy, really, and maybe sometimes a little weird, but it's a great series that I would definitely recommend. To get the series, click on this link.

2. Aquamarine- Alice Hoffman: Possibly one of the most familiar mermaid tales, this books was also adapted into a movie several years ago. It's the story of a young mermaid washed up on shore, who's trying to find real love on land. A great story and one of my personal favorite mermaid tales, it's also got another book in the series- Indigo, this one about two boys who discover their true heritage. They're both excellent stories and worth reading- and they aren't long, either. 

3. Waterfell- Amalie Howard: Although this one is only on my to-read list, I think it sounds like a real winner. A mermaid hiding on land until she can claim her stolen kingdom back from her father's murderer? YES, please. Of course, throwing in a mortal love interest can only make things more complicated and more exciting. If you think it sounds cool, click right here and you can hold a library copy.

Whether you like the ocean or not, everyone can enjoy a good book about mythical mermaids and wild undersea battles. But this all begs the question:

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