Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Meme Spotlight: Superheroes Everywhere!

     We all love superheroes. They're unique, they're epic, they're something special- but waiting for the newest Marvel movie or trying to wade through the thousands of comic books out there for each hero and crossover. So what can you do to bide your time? Try YA. There are lots of really interesting takes on the superpower genre, everything from the traditional 'good-versus-evil' epic battle to 'talented' teens just trying to survive. Here are a few selections to get your super-fix.

1. Illusive- Emily Lloyd-Jones: This first novel (the first in a series) is actually about super criminals. Teens mutated by a virus- and who were already "troubled"- commit crimes with their powers. Soon, though, they are forced to make decisions that blur the lines between good and evil, in a deadly race against a government that wants only one thing- power. You can find a library copy here.

2. Impostor- Susanne Winnacker: Another first in a series, Impostor centers on a girl who can absorb and mimic DNA by touch- she can become anyone she come in contact with. She's sent to a small town to catch a serial killer- but can she focus with the lure of a normal life drawing her in? A roller coaster of a ride, this is even featured on the South Branch's teen room display- you can put a hold on a copy here.

3. The Reckoners series- Brandon Sanderson: This is one in which the powerful "supers" or Epics, as this series calls them, are not the main characters, nor are they benevolent. The main character has been burned by one such Epic and seeks revenge- and the battle between the seemingly weak, normal Reckoners and the evil Epics is about to rage. Steelheart is book one, and Firefight is the recently released second book. You can put them on hold by clicking here.

     These are just a few of the many different types of superhero YA options available to you while you wait for the newest comic book movie (Avengers: Age of Ultron anyone?!) or if you just want to widen your horizons.

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