Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Meme Spotlight: I Am the Warrior

     Everyone likes a strong main character- and who's stronger than the warriors of any culture? Here's a couple books or series that you might like, featuring strong warriors, male and female alike. 

1. The Graceling Realm series- Kristin Cashore: These are three novels set in different time periods of the same universe. Each has a pwoerful female lead, a strong male counterpart, and an interesting, unique world that captures your attention and won't let you go until you've finished all three in the series. I love these books, and they're good enough to read again and again. You can check them out by clicking here.

2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series- Rick Riordan: I'm pretty sure everyone has read these by now, but they're a prime example of what I'm talking about. They're all fighters, finding a way out of any situation using their smarts, their talents, or their sheer power. There are tons of epic battle in this five-book series, and I'm sure you won't have a hard time reading them (or re-reading) if you so choose. If you'd like them, click this link.

3. Girl in the Arena- Lise Haines: Gladiators, anyone? Neo-gladiators, that is. In a modern world where gladiatorial games have risen once more, one girl takes the stage. In a futuristic world startlingly easy to envision, Lyn must fight for her freedom to marry when a gladiator kills her stepfather and captures her dowry bracelet- meaning she must marry him, unless she can find a way to win her life back. Click here if you want to check it out.

4. Blood Red Road- Moira Young: Okay, I'll be straight with you- this is also a series, called The Dust Lands Trilogy. But I didn't like the second one at all, which was really disappointing, because this book, the first, is AMAZING. It's a struggle to survive and save the ones Saba, the protagonist, loves, with wild characters,  a silver-eyed fighter named Jack, and the relentless TonTon, who chase them through blistering deserts and precarious mountain passes. Anyway, everyone is a fighter- you have to be, in their world. Here's where you can request it: click!

5. The Throne of Glass series- Sarah J. Maas: I haven't read this series, to tell the truth. But it comes highly recommended by our YA Librarian Melissa and kwatanabe, a fellow contributor. It's a about an assassin- yeah, it's that cool- fighting for her freedom in a competition to find the newest assassin for the crown. I hear it's a pretty great read, so if you want to check it out, click here!

     Whether you think you're a fighter or not, read these books to feel confident and strong in everyday life. And always, always remember:

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