Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Meme Spotlight: Best YA Science Fiction

     Science Fiction is not generally a genre that everyone can enjoy. Wild planets, futuristic technology, and aliens are not exactly subjects and content that spans a wide audience. But even if you've never read sci-fi and you don't really think you'd like it, try these books on for size. You might be surprised.

1. The Lunar Chronicles: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, and Winter- This is an awesome series by Marissa Meyer that will come to its conclusion in November of this year with Winter. The whole series is an amazing thrill ride, with different interlocking characters that all tie together to make one strong plot that sucks you in. Each book is based on a fairy tale, but retold in the future, with characters that mimic the stories of those old stories- Cinder is Cinderella, Scarlet is Little Red Riding Hood, Cress is Rapunzel, and Winter is Snow White. The way the fairy tales are rewritten is original and stays true to the sci-fi genre without going over the heads of those who are new to reading it. Click here to order any of the titles in the series, including the prequel, Fairest.

2. The Starbound novels: These Broken Stars and This Shattered World- Wow. Just wow. The second installment of this series only came out a month ago and I'm already dying for more from authors Amie Kaufman and Megan Spooner. Each novel so far is set on a different planet in the universe, with two main characters that alternate chapters and a wild mystery plot surrounding a corrupt intergalactic company and the people who are affected by it. The characters once again intertwine to enhance the larger plot, though each book comes to that plot through a different story. These are a little bit more complicated to understand- there is nothing earth-like about it except for the people, who are in the essential form of the word, human. There are no little green men. But they are more detailed, with newly created worlds and technology beyond our scope. But these books are so well written that you can't help but still enjoy them. Click here to order a copy from the library!

3. Across the Universe series: Across the Universe, A Million Suns, and Shades of Earth- I have long loved this trilogy by Beth Revis, and for good reason. The plot centers on a spaceship drifting toward a new Earth, with some people alive to run the ship and other important figures cryogenically frozen to help lead the new population on the new planet. But someone doesn't want that to happen, and begins unfreezing and murdering these scientists and leaders. One who is unfrozen, but lives, is Amy, who then has to uncover, with the help of the next captain of the ship, the reasons for these killings and how to stop it. These books never left me unsatisfied, and when I finally reached the end of the third book, I put it down with a smile. The unique characters keep you interested, and though the plot is futuristic, it is interesting and not hard to understand their technology and way of life. Click here to check them out.

     I can recommend a thousand other sci-fi novels worth their weight in awesome, (and so can but these three series should get you started on the right track, even if all you know about science fiction is...

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