Monday, June 29, 2015

Monday Meme Spotlight: Westerns!

     Everyone needs some good ole' cowboy duels every now and then. The problem is that there are very few YA books that are really Western in genre or Western in feel. So if you're looking for a good western, here are a few (released and upcoming) that you can enjoy reading.

Vengeance Road, Erin Bowman (September 1, 2015)- As a part of Erin's street team promoting Vengeance Road, I have to inform you all that IT IS AWESOME. I've been gifted the first four chapters and a few other excerpts, and each character has such a unique, compelling voice. Kate, the heroine, is tracking down a gold mine and the outlaws who killed her father, and she's fearless. Absolutely, amazingly fearless. You'll love her fire and reckless energy, and you can be sure that the western feel will stick with you through the entire book.

Under A Painted Sky, Stacey Lee (Available Now)- Two girls, one Asian-American, one a runaway slave, find themselves on the Oregon Trail in 1849. 
If you're like me, you grew up on the computer game 'The Oregon Trail'. You know about getting wagons across rivers, approaching strangers, and bartering for blankets when you're freezing to death. When the girls in Under A Painted Sky meet up with some cowboys, they find unlikely allies.

Blood Red Road, Moira Young (Available Now)- Okay, so it's set in the future, but it's about as "Old West" as a non-western book can feel. Wild outlaws, fights to the death, and crazy escapes makes for a quick, easy read that will definitely leave you wanting more.

     There's a great need for diverse books in our culture- no one wants to read the same thing over and over again. Westerns are one piece of that puzzle. It's important to expand our horizons, and when we do, we find ourselves better able to relate to the world.

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