Monday, January 26, 2015

Monday Meme Spotlight: John Green

That's right. The giant squid of anger himself, John Green. 

    John Green has, in the recent years, rocketed onto the teen scene, becoming a household name. For years he has been widely regarded in the book community as a must-read author, and now he has become the source of tears and heartache and "feels" for anyone who's ever read his books, whether it be the tear-jerking The Fault in Our Stars (now a major motion picture) or the mind-bending mystery Paper Towns. 

    With his unique writing style (he isn't afraid to use big words and metaphors that make your heart stop with their beauty) and his way of twisting the plot until your eyes cross and you know you aren't going to get the happy ending because there aren't enough pages left, John Green writes his way into your heart, and he doesn't let go. His characters stay with you forever, from the wildly brave Augustus Waters to Judge-Judy-obsessed Hassan, and his books are well-loved by nearly everyone who reads them. 
     No matter who you are, John Green has written or done something you'll like, whether it's The Fault in Our Stars or his appearances on Tumblr or Vlogbrothers, and he writes in a way that everyone can relate to, about the heartaches and realities of life. The only problem is....

We don't know anything about the next book. has a placeholder record with no information, leaving us all feeling like...

     It'll be okay though. Eventually we will once again drown in his words. To check out John Green's books and get them from the library, click here.

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