Thursday, May 20, 2010

Book Review: Reality Check by Peter Abrahams

Reality Check Reality Check by Peter Abrahams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cody is almost 17. He is the quarterback on his high school football team, has a great girlfriend, and a wonderful summer job making more than minimum wage. For Cody, life is good, until his girlfriend Clea tells him she will be going to boarding school the following year, and at that point everything seems to fall apart. Cody breaks up with Clea, wreaks his knee and his football season, and then gives up on school. Just when things seem the worst, Cody finds out that Clea has disappeared from her New England boarding school, and no one can find her. Taking matters into his own hands, Cody travel across country and dives into the search for the one girl he loves.

Cody is a well developed and likable character whose relationship with his father is tenuous at best. He loves Clea, a fact you can see from the first pages of this book. You want to cheer for Cody’s persistence and his desire to find Clea.

Peter Abrahams is a master storyteller. Although a bit predictable at times, I did find this mystery to be gripping and engaging. You don’t want to put it down and are anxious to find out what happens. I think teens will like Cody and want to know what happens to him.
Cautions for sensitive readers: Some sex is mentioned in the text, but nothing is explicitly described—in fact I would say the book is very modest about the sexual relationship aspects. There is some strong language present that could offend sensitive readers, but it is used cautiously, and not that often. Violence is present in the text.

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