Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Teens Can Make A Difference

Check out this great interview in School Library Journal about a teen who is making big things happen in Rwanda!

WA Teen Helps Build School Libraries in Rwanda

Avalon High by Meg Cabot Will Be a Disney Channel Original Movie

Probably my favorite of all of Meg Cabot’s books is going to be a movie. This has me both excited and concerned because I am afraid of what changes they will make to her wonderful story (T*Witches anyone?). Read all about Meg Cabot’s exciting news on her website.

Movie Rights to Incarceron by Catherine Fisher have been Purchased by Fox

This is probably my favorite book since Hunger Games.  Incarceron (book review forthcoming) is the story of two teens.  Finn inside the prison of Incarceron, and Claudia, trapped in a prison of her own on the outside.  It has been a book that I am loath to put down.  It is filled with fabulous writing and descriptive imagery.  I am so excited to see this as a movie, since the book itself evokes such wonderful and fantastic images in my imagination that I can actually picture this as a movie.  I only hope that they don't make too many changes because Fisher's book is outstanding and very "visual" as it is.  Read about the movie at

Fox wins bidding war for 'Incarceron': Studio picks up dystopian jail tale

It's Back for 2010!  SLJ's Battle of the Kid's Books

Last year our winner for the best book of 2009 went to Suzanne Collin's fantastic book Hunger Games.  Who will win this year's competition?  Check out the competitors and the judges by following along this year.  Don't forget to vote for your favorites so you can resurrect them from the discard pile!

Battle of the Kids' Books 2010 - More Bodacious Than Ever!
Battle of the Kid's Books 2010 New Arena

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