Thursday, January 7, 2010

Novel Notes and Teen News: Your Source for Teen Book Information and Other Teen News 01/08/2010

In the Movies

Movie goers have been flocking to theaters to see James Cameron’s new movie Avatar. Check out this teen’s review of Avatar at YPULSE:

Best and Worst Books of 2009

One YPULSE Review shares her picks for the best and worst books of 2009:
Tell us what you think! What were your best and worst reads of 2009?

Good News for Fans of Holes Author Louis Sachar

Louis Sachar is publishing his next YA Novel titled The Cardturner. For more information chceck out this link to Publisher’s Weekly:

From Page to Screen: Movie/Book Tie-ins

Fans of the series Diary of a Wimpy Kid have a new movie to look forward to. The movie is due to be released on April second and is based on these bestselling novels by author Jeff Kinney. Also being released is a movie diary for the making of the movie title The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary. Read the complete story at the Publisher’s Weekly website:

According to a number of news sources, the script for the movie Eclipse has been leaked. Many are upset by this news, but since they are following the events of the books does a leaked script really matter? What do you think? Let us know by commenting on our blog. For more information about the leaked script, check out this article:

Children’s and Teens Book Reviews from Publisher’s Weekly

Check out these book reviews from the Publisher’s Weekly Website for a head up on what is new in books.

Books in the Digital Age

In the first link author John Green speculates about the publishing world and the future of books in our electronic society listing librarians as gatekeepers to the best books.

A YPULSE columnist also takes an interest in this topic this week.

Author Katherine Paterson Named Ambassador

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