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Book Review: Graceling by Kristin Cashore

Graceling Graceling by Kristin Cashore

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Graceling is a stunning debut novel by author Kristin Cashore. According to the book flap, the story grew out of the authors daydreams about a powerful girl. Let me just say I hope she keeps daydreaming because this book was a wonderful adventure.

Katsa was born Graced. In her land many people are born with many different types of graces. Some are graced with the ability to cook, to fight, to dance, or even to read minds. Katsa’s grace has set her on a lonely path, her grace is the ability to kill. Feeling more cursed than graced, Katsa is the unwilling arm of King Randa, who uses her as a threat to any who would oppose his will. Katsa feels like a hired thug. .

In secret, Katsa created the Council to help the kingdoms from the rule of unfair kings. It is her work with the Council that leads her to cross paths with the Leinid Graceling Prince Po. When Po’s grandfather is captured, Katsa rescues him, but they struggle to find the reasons behind the kidnapping. What they find leads them on an adventure that will threaten both their lives. Can Katsa become more than a thug, can she see her grace as a gift rather than a curse?

This was well written and very entertaining. In fact, it was very difficult to put the book down. Fans of authors like Tamora Pierce and other fantasy authors with strong female characters, will find themselves drawn to this novel.

Cautions for sensitive readers: There was no language in this book, but you will find a lot of violence. The main character does have sex, but there are no explicit descriptions or detail.

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  1. do you think appropriate for a 11-13 yr olds? I'm trying to keep my daughters a little sheltered-but was thinking this might be a book they'll enjoy.

  2. This is a very enjoyable book and they probably will like it. As to your question, the main characters do have sex in the book, but it wasn't described in detail. The scene cuts after you get the impression that they are about to have sex, but there is no explicit detail. If they are fond of this type of fantasy adventure series, but you aren't certain this is the right one for them, you might also try Tamora Pierce's series Protector of the Small. The first book in that series is called First Test.

  3. I enjoyed the story. However, I didn't enjoy the things the author added to the book. This book was advertised in the Children's section at my bookstore. It was a great adventure, but was more a teen book. There was a trashy part that didn't need to be there. The author added her view into the main character's views. Although it was a great story, its not a book I would recommend or want in my library.


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